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Welcome to Sekcija "Engleski Jezik"

Hello there, thanks for visiting this site. We are group from Elementary School "Suljo Čilić" located in Jablanica. Current discussion is about our little town, Srušeni Most, and making of movie "Bitka Za Ranjenike". We visited museum "Bitka Za Ranjenike" And got information about that bridge, we also made an interview with Memo (Man With Fife). 

Writing a Book

We are currently working on writing a new book in Sekcija "Engleski Jezik" . 

Our Team

The Battle For The Wounded

The battle for the wounded , is the common name for a series of battles in the Neretva valley between the Yugoslav Partisans and the Axis powers during February and March 1943 . Partisans offensive in the Neretva valley in February caused heavy losses to the Italians , followed by the beginning of March perform breakthrough from the axle ring , scattering Chetnik forces . As part of the Battle of the Neretva there was fighting for Prozor, Jablanica , Konjic , Gornji Vakuf and other places . People's Liberation Army took the offensive in the Neretva valley to thwart the German- Italian operation Weiss , launched with the intention of destroying the environment and Bihac Republic and the bulk of the insurgent forces in Yugoslavia . In the first phase Weiss And in January 1943 , the combined forces of the Axis attacked a large free territory , known as the Bihac Republic , while the main operational group People's Liberation Army began penetration of Bihac to Mostar . After heavy losses on the Neretva River , which is a special division suffered Murgia , the Italian team has called Chetniks and Germans for help . Chetnik leader Mihailovic , with the help of the Italians , set " mousetrap " in the canyon of the Neretva with the intention to finish the partisans . Chetnik forces numbered about 12,000 and occupied all the heights on the left side of the Neretva River , so that the Partisans were surrounded on all sides in the river valley . In almost hopeless position , they attack the Germans at Vakuf , Italians at the Prozor , and the Italians , Ustashe and Chetniks near Konjic , then cross the river . Despite heavy losses , the Partisans save considerable power , ensure the safety of the Supreme Headquarters , save their wounded and continue fighting. 

Members Of Sekcija "Engleski Jezik" Visit The Museum "Bitka Za Ranjenike" And Made An Interview With Memo (Man With Fife)

Members of Sekcija “Engleski Jezik” visited a museum called “Bitka Za Ranjenike” in Jablanica. Near a bridge that was used to make the movie “Bitka Za Ranjenike”. Today, this bridge is used as a public attraction for Jablanica. They also made an interview with Memo (Man With Fife). 

Future Of Our City

Future Of Jablanica

Many people will want Jablanica to be better, to be the city with good reputation of technology, culture, and industry. But to build that reputation, people must work, build, and save the nature of our city. Some people don’t really care about the nature of Jablanica, they must protect the environment and nature of our city. There are rivers and places in Jablanica with things that we could re-use to make new things. If we want our city to be the city of hope, happiness, and life, to be the city that generations and generations will remember, we must work more and protect the nature. 

Technology In Jablanica

We need to have better technology. Technology is growing fast. We need to follow technology like most other big cities do. Wouldn’t it be a good idea, when we could give people a spin trough our city with Google Street View. We could make that possible easily, technology today is not too hard. 


Location Of Jablanica